26 september 2016


what im doin rn

a lot has happened since january lol!


i have left architecture to pursue a more multimedia career path. so like i now am freelancing as a production artist for Saks Fifth Avenue window displays which is pretty fun and chill.  also trying to freelance everywhere else and make more coin so i could pay off these student loans and actually live life.



also  i have a bf name Joey  who i really really really like.


the system is still fucked. hopefully we could work on fixing it. #BLACKLIVESMATTER



28 january 2016


i got an education, i got a job...


i am now a young professional working as a model maker for Asymptote Architecture  living in Brooklyn with great roommates. 






23 september 2015

looking for something to do


Now that i am back in USA and not doing anything rn, i can finally update this.




so i tried looking for a job in architecture in europe, but of course that didnt work out too well with me being on just a tourist visa and no money in the bank.  nomadic times in the EU was great trip tho- highlights...


ESTONIA: fun erasmus squad, abandoned buildings, no police, old soviet remnants, Russians vs. Estonians, quiet train rides


AMSTERDAM: legal mushrooms, Vondelpark, bicycle lanes, red light district, coffee shops


PARIS: picnics next to canal, chill people (contrary to popular opinion), great new/old architecture


BARCELONA: spoiled by the filipino familia mafiosa, food, paella all day, arroz negro, bears


SAN SEBASTIAN: picturesque everything, hanging out with my neice studying there


IBIZA: english people everywhere, drug-dealing conceirge


SWEDEN (gothenburg&stockholm): midsommar, kind swedish family, progressive everything




VIENNA: lovers and friends <3



now im based in NY so yeah big moves. i will update dis more.




circleglasses crossing
russian market
happy bday doris

13 may 2015


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finish toast
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with the torch
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upper west side
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cooper union art school kids
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Andre Singleton
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construction documents at Columbia
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Dion Tygapaw the great
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New Museum having a keke
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Juliana Huxtable
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Onejoon CHE
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Dion & the Oculus Rift
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whats funny is that i grew up on Baltic Ave
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On the tacky cruise ship to Tallinn
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medieval keys
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Old Town Tallinn
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420 love
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random basement rave
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basement rave speakers
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11 may 2015

still cant believe it 


i graduated and im now in the real world. trying to be a professional. 


currently in Tallinn, Estonia. its cold. i could totally walk to the arctic circle and visit Santa. but actually its fucking amazing here- socialist dream where everything is like 50cents.  


so yeah, thanks for reading my updated website  this is gonna be like an instagram but better. more like a blog, but highkey not tryna to a be a blogger tho. fuqdat.


yeah i felt like doing a blog like the old days of xanga now that i quit instagram.... 

BTW, yall who thought i blocked you on instagram and tryna throw shade: you needa know that i actually posted something saying that I was quitting IG so that i could focus on my website, get my shit together, and find a career...


"dont try me, im not a free sample"


yes, believe it or not i received some worrisome txts from some people who thought i blocked them on IG and they tryna throw mad shade. LOL how social media can make people act some typa way.  goodbye.


My hosts here in Tallinn, Herwig and Doris, are amazing; they are everything. ive met a great group of people here through them.


all of you who actually took the time to chill in the pasts weeks in LA & NYC, you guys are everything. i live for yall, yall give me life. class of 2015 i miss you guys.


i am probably gonna delete this post and replace it wit something cuter.




-jarry c.